This family has sacrificed much for freedom.  When I was young, I often could conceptualize the idea that freedom is not free. It calls on everyone to lay allegiance to the freedom. The United States my mother country embodies the idea of that freedom like no other. I am trying to lay witness to the fact that freedom and country and the United States work in unison to bring about …Read the Rest

Exclusive: U.N. will not help Myanmar with long-term camps for Rohingya – document

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GOP lawmaker 'disgusted' by Trump for mocking House reps

GOP Illinois Rep. Adam Kinzinger said Tuesday he was “very disgusted” by President Donald Trump for mocking House Republicans who …Read the Rest

Sinema wins Arizona Senate race

• Defeated GOP congressman blames McCain for House flipping Source: CNN

The publisher of a neo-Nazi website said white nationalism was a winner in the midterm elections, while others cheered Trump as their champion

• Police investigate Wisconsin high schoolers posed in apparent Nazi salute Source: CNN

CNN reporter explains why McSally lost

Democratic Rep. Kyrsten Sinema will win Arizona’s US Senate race, defeating Republican Rep. Martha McSally and flipping a seat that …Read the Rest

Cooper to Trump: That's not how things work

CNN’s Anderson Cooper discusses President Donald Trump’s unfounded fraud claim about the Florida election. Source: CNN

What you should know about Florida's vote recount

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Trump reacts to the coming Democratic House in a way that could take the nation into perilous territory

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Fierce winds expected to fan California's deadly wildfires

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Le Drian says not aware France has Khashoggi tapes, contradicts Erdogan

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